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Keep Your People Safe – Get Top Level Shooter Detection Security Systems and Services from K9

We, unfortunately, live in a society where active-shooter situations are a real threat to everyday life. Precautions must be taken now to ensure safety in such a serious event, like choosing to install an independent shooter detector or a threat detection security system. When seconds matter most, a threat detection system can notify you of any situation and help prevent tragedy. Detection systems have become a necessity for residential and commercial spaces. However, there is no denying the risk factor is greater in commercial areas. Fortunately, K9 All Systems, Inc. can help prepare you for any situation, even an unthinkable situation like a rogue shooter.

K9 security systems are equipped with twin mode threat detectors, including highly sensitive acoustic gunshot detectors and gunfire flash detectors. They work by detecting even minor gunshot incidents around the property, ensuring accuracy in alerts and notifications, and giving you and your people the best chance to combat an unwanted assailant.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything

K9 Makes Sure You’re Prepared for Anything – Shooter Detection Security Systems and Services

K9 All Systems Inc.’s shooter detection security system is the most advanced technology for protecting people from active shooters. The system utilizes a network of sensors and acoustic algorithms to detect gunshots quickly and accurately, sending out alerts within seconds of an active shooter situation.

K9 All Systems Inc. also provides additional services such as camera monitoring, rapid response teams, and post-event help to thoroughly secure any premises from potential attacks or other threats. The K9 All Systems Inc. shooter detection security system guarantees peace of mind knowing that any suspicious activity is detected before it can become more serious.

Get Absolute Peace of Mind in Each Shooter Detection System or Security System from K9 All Systems

K9 security systems dual-threat detectors feature a two-factor shot alert system: Infrared flash and Audible alert. The sensors dispatch immediate visual and audio alerts via text-SMS and email in the event both IR and acoustic waves are observed. The system alerts property occupants, first responders/monitoring station security staff, and local authorities to handle the situation in time without panic.

Our highly-advanced Guardian Sensors alert responsible personnel promptly to control a situation. K9’s Guardian Sensors are interconnected with the security panel, CCTV surveillance system, and access control system for a quick response when safety is threatened, helping you regain peace of mind.

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