Service Disclaimer

K9 All Systems Inc. 

Quotes are ‘estimates’ based on the ‘request for proposal’ for new equipment and/or services, and could require more ‘labor’, ‘equipment’, ‘parts or supplies’, etc., and may vary after ‘site evaluation’ or ‘work commencement’ has been performed either by ‘K9 All Systems’ or ‘Customer’ requesting proposal for new equipment and/or services from K9 All Systems.



Only materials and labor listed within this estimate will be installed or serviced. Any additional labor or materials used above and beyond this estimate will be invoiced separately at our normal billing rate. K9 All Systems is not a computer service company. Many of our products support a computer interface. We will be glad to install our software on one computer. If the software we install onto your computer does not work correctly, then it is your responsibility to contact your IT firm to resolve the computer problem, upgrade your computer, and/or upgrade OS and drivers. If you have any questions concerning this disclosure please call K9 All Systems at 770-627-5305.


Owners’ computer(s) system and Network:

Owner understands that computer (s) must be running windows and current versions of windows, the owner is responsible for owners’ network.  Owners’ IT shall provide all pertinent information K9 All Systems, Inc. needs to complete the project.  Internet security is very important to K9 All Systems, Inc., therefore it is the responsibility of Owners’ network administrator to setup port forwarding and any required/necessary routes through the Owners’ firewall.

The owner’s network and internet services quality and speeds will solely dictate remote experiences.


Apple Products:

Apple Products are not currently supported a many security technology manufacturers do not develop security applications to run in an apple environment.  K9 All Systems, Inc will make all reasonable efforts to install and provide support; however K9 All Systems, Inc. cannot guarantee that all applications will run in an apple environment.



Mobility devices need to be running current android and the most current version your device will allow must be running.  Apple and iOS are not currently supported; however IF the manufacturer or service currently offers an iOS application K9 All Systems, Inc. will make all reasonable efforts to install and provide support; however K9 All Systems, Inc. cannot guarantee that all applications will run in an apple environment.

IP Based Technology:

All IP Based technology will require a yearly subscription for any subscription updates for firmware or software updates.



All materials estimated for installation will be of likeness of existing installed materials unless the manufacturer is no longer in business. Any shipping and handling fees will be included in the estimate. If the fees are not present in the estimate they will be applied to the invoice.


Lifts are the responsibility of the owner unless otherwise stated in an approved estimate or proposal.



110 power for the projects is the responsibility of the owner unless otherwise stated in an approved estimate or proposal.


Materials used to estimate may not always be installed, for any number of reasons including but not limited to availability, project deadlines, incompatibility with existing equipment, etc.  Substitute for manufacture and technology may be used without the consent of the owner. Your project has been bid to be installed a certain way.  K9 All Systems, Inc.  Makes every effort to foresee and discover any issues before starting a job. However; Issues may be discovered during installation that could not have been foreseen.  Issues of this nature may be billable above the estimate of your project.

CCTV Camera Systems:

CCTV surveillance systems are very reliable pieces of equipment and technology, K9 All systems, Inc. recommendation is to view the camera system daily if it is being used passively to ensure your cameras are functioning correctly, unless the Owner of the system has entered into a service agreement that will allow K9 access to conduct these daily system checks.

Active Shooter Detection:

Active Shooter detection technology is designed as a tool to aid law enforcement.  Active shooter technology is designed to aid in the apprehension of the shooter and is not designed to stop loss of life.



Anti-ballistic materials are intended to provide immediate protection from high-speed projectiles by being a barrier.  Anti- ballistic materials are only as good as the structure they are placed in/around and by the quantity of the ballistic materials used to create are a safe area.  A safe area is defined as a 1 wall or reception desk, the doors, windows and other walls that can be compromised.  These designs are never intended to provide absolute protection.


K9 will warranty the installation for the term of 90 days. The manufacturer’s warranty is exclusive to their product and does not reflect nor is it part of or covered by K All Systems. The term of their warranty is dependent on their products. Acts of Mother Nature, Vandalism, Tampering or Abuse are not covered under any warranty offered by K9 or the manufacturer. Shipping and labor associated to warranty claims are not covered under the manufacturers’ warranty.



If for any reason any part of this estimate is canceled. A restock fee of 25% of the returned materials and labor will be invoiced.



This estimate’s pricing, design, and allotments are confidential between the customer being quoted and K9 All Systems. This estimate is valid for 30 days from the date issued on the estimate. Pricing may not be valid outside the 30-day guarantee. A finance charge equal to 18% annually (charged daily) will be applied to all past due accounts.

Rates and General Terms of Service


Service Rates

  • Support Services- $150.00 for the first hour.
  • Service Rate = 2nd hour and beyond – $85.00
  • Onsite Support- One hour minimum
  • Remote Support- $55.00 per hour
  • Trip Charge- $55.00 per Service call
  • *All service will be billed in 1 hour increments


Service & Support Hours of Operation & Billing Schedule

  • Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM – Normal Rates
  • After hours and weekends – Normal rates multiplied by 1.5
  • Holidays: Normal Rates multiplied by 2 with a 2 hour minimum

Holidays include: New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Services provided after hours or on holidays for the convenience of K9 All Systems, Inc. will not be subject to the rate modifiers above.


Billing Terms

  • All invoices are payable on a “Net 30” basis.
  • A finance charge equal to 18% annually (charged daily) will be applied to all past due accounts.
  • No services will be provided to any account with a past due balance.

Equipment Purchase and Payment Options

All customers within the state of Georgia that are exempt from paying Georgia Sales & Use Taxes must provide a valid State of Georgia Certificate of Exemption. Georgia Sales & Use taxes will be applied to any applicable sale until such valid certificate of exemption is received and on file.

All fees, terms, payment options, and service hours are subject to change at the discretion of K9 All Systems Inc.

Independent Contractor

It is understood that K9 All Systems Inc. is an independent contractor to the Client which is not subject to any federal, state, or local taxes or other fees for which the client has any responsibility to withhold.

After all, your security is our #1 priority!