Integrated Security

A trifecta of security that overlaps one another, creating a secure network system working 24/7 on your behalf

K9 All Systems, Inc., brings in an integrated security approach that involves synchronizing the three different security devices with an initiative to interlink their functioning and activate remote control.


Video surveillance of the property/place

Access Control

Locking and unlocking the door locks

Access Control

Arming and disarming the intrusion system

This significant infusion of security devices enables the user to remote control the full-fledged security system via phone, tablet, PC, or any other smart gadget. However, arming and disarming the intrusion system is not a headache anymore, not even locking and unlocking the door. The K9 unified security interlinks the camera system/ video surveillance with the access control and the intrusion system amalgamating their core functions to be controlled by a single click on the phone.

Automation System

Get rid of the old school security systems, hands down to the heavy-duty home automation systems–that’s where our unified security comes in.

Our unified technology is featured to be connected to other security sources like fire alarms, notification systems, active shooter detection systems, and energy management systems to facilitate users with absolute control and knowledge of all conditions within the vicinity.

We are the trusted providers of modernized security advancements as per the customized needs of every client. Call us now to discuss yours, and we will tailor the best security plan to meet your expectations.

Access Badge Control

Furthering the incredible trifecta of the technology, K9 empowers its users with access to badge control.

The access badge control allows staff members to arm and disarm the intrusion system by using their cards. The technology doesn’t require any codes or biometric thumb impressions for activation or deactivation. In case of termination, simply turning off one’s card remove all the rights to arm/disarm the intrusion system.

After all, your security is our #1 priority!