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K9 All Systems, Inc. is keeping Atlanta industries safe, one security system at a time.

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When It Comes to Security, Trust K9 All Systems, Inc. To Protect What Matters Most to You

With our years of experience and expertise, K9 takes a cutting-edge approach to security. We proudly serve and protect a variety of businesses all across Atlanta and the metro area. The goal is simple: to achieve the highest standard of security for businesses that provide maximum productivity for our customers.

We at K9 are proud to be your veteran digital security guards. We are constantly advancing our security approaches with customized security systems for a variety of commercial operations in a variety of market conditions.

We are a team of professional, certified, and licensed security experts. We aim to eliminate the threats of burglary and theft, and the risks associated with tragic situations like fires and floods. We maximize the effectiveness and approach of conventional loss prevention systems with intelligent business security solutions. We call them our K9 security systems.

Our protection services boost business productivity by helping to minimize financial and emotional losses.

With “pawprints” in multiple industries, K9 All Systems designs, installs, and maintains state-of-the-art security systems.

K9 Protection Across the Board

At K9, we’ve made our mark in many different types of businesses. From government and educational facilities to commercial and industrial properties, as well as many retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and manufacturing plants, we protect what matters most to our clients in the Greater Atlanta area and beyond.

Government Properties

In Georgia — and across the Southeast — K9 All Systems, Inc. is the top security firm working with federal, state, county, city, and local municipalities to create security solutions based on specific needs. We serve all levels of government so that communities and public spaces can operate with complete peace of mind.

Educational Facilities

As one of the most trusted names in security, K9 is the most reliable security companion for public and private educational institutions across Georgia and the Southeast. The goal is universal: to maintain and improve safety, security, confidence, and operational productivity in every educational facility we can.

Commercial Property

K9’s commercial security approach starts with you and your needs. The first step is determining the needs of your facility. With our high-end security system features like access control, CCTV surveillance, fire alarms, intruder detection, unified security, and more, we help all types of businesses in Atlanta.

Healthcare Facilities

We use our innovative security approach to let the healthcare sector maximize the benefits for all patients, visitors, and hospital personnel. K9 helps monitor and protect patients with our access and wander control system. The healthcare security approach at K9 incorporates door access control modules, permitting the use of keypads, radio tags, mushroom buttons, biometric readers, and many other security and access control resources.

Retail Stores

Shoplifting and retail crime have long been issues for business owners and law enforcement. By 2023, theft cost retailers approximately $94.5 billion per year, and this number continues to increase. K9 All Systems, Inc. helps retailers with security measures like CCTV surveillance cameras, motion sensors, crowd detectors, face detectors, shooter detection technology, and other similar features to minimize loss from theft, and improve public safety.


Restaurants are highly vulnerable to incidents of burglary and theft. K9 security systems protect restaurants against criminal activities with customized CCTV cameras. Additionally, fire alarm systems protect restaurants from other situations to help keep tragedy at bay.


With the tremendous advancements in digital technology, IP surveillance, and analytics, K9 security systems help financial institutions with innovative crime protection technology. Banks and insurance companies trust K9 All Systems, Inc., and are some of our most frequent clients in Atlanta and the metro area.


Due to the unique nature of the manufacturing industry, K9 helps protect manufacturers with heavy-duty security systems. Systems that include CCTV cameras are able to detect any suspicious activity in any environment, even dusty buildings and poor lighting conditions. We stay committed to protecting the manufacturing industry against heavy financial losses.

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