Integrated Business Security Systems

K9 All Systems, Inc. offers Integrated Security solutions that maximize a trifecta of overlapping security initiatives, creating a secure network system that works for you, 24/7.

Your Success May Hinge on Integrated Systems to Keep Your Business Security at Optimum Levels

In the modern world, security is becoming an ever-increasingly important component of successful businesses. One of the latest trends for ensuring complete protection for organizations is integrating a wide range of security measures into a single unified system. This integrated security system allows businesses to more efficiently monitor and respond to threats, as well as protect both physical locations and digital assets. With round the clock surveillance and instant alerts in case of any irregularities, companies are now able to reduce their risk much more effectively than ever before. By keeping up with the times, savvy businesses are investing in integrated security solutions that give them maximum protection from malicious activity, and allow them to focus on other essential aspects of growing their business.

K9 All Systems, Inc., brings in an integrated security approach that involves synchronizing the three different security devices with an initiative to interlink their functioning and activate remote control.


Video surveillance of your property

Access Control

Locking and unlocking entrances


Arming and disarming the intrusion system

This significant infusion of correctly installed and integrated security devices enables each user to remote control the full-fledged security system via phone, tablet, PC, or any other smart gadget. However, arming and disarming the intrusion system is not a headache anymore, and neither is controlling the physical access to your building. The K9 unified security system interlinks the camera system/ video surveillance with the access control and the intrusion system, amalgamating their core functions to be controlled by a single click on your phone or other smart devices.

Automation System

Get rid of the old school security systems and give a thumbs down to the heavy-duty home automation systems–that’s where our sleeker, faster, streamlined, unified security system comes in.

Our unified technology is designed to be connected to other security sources like fire alarms, notification systems, active shooter detection systems, and energy management systems to facilitate users with absolute control and knowledge of all conditions within the vicinity of your property or place of business.

K9 All Systems, Inc. is the trusted provider of modernized security advancements in your area. We offer an outstanding array of customized solutions to fit the needs of every client. Contact us directly to discuss your security needs, and we will tailor the best system plan to meet and exceed your expectations.

Access Badge Control

Designed to enhance the sophistication of your security system and access to your property, K9 empowers our clients with badge-controlled access technology.

The access badge control allows staff members to arm and disarm the intrusion system by using their cards. The technology doesn’t require any codes or biometric thumb impressions for activation or deactivation. In case of termination, simply turning off access to a user’s card remove all the rights to arm/disarm the intrusion system or gain unwanted access to your closed building.

At K9 All Systems, Inc., the Safety and Security of Your Business Is Our Top Priority – Call Today

K9 All Systems Inc. offers integrated security systems for business, public, and private facilities. These systems can be customized to meet each individual client’s security goals, and may be equipped with the finest modern technology for video surveillance, monitoring and analysis services, access control with custom access badges that K9 will customize to fit your needs, and even an audio warning speaker system to alert those in physical proximity of any issues. K9 can also provide a fire alarm response system allowing you to quickly respond to any potential hazard. K9 All Systems Inc.’s integrated security system will leave you feeling safe and secure.

After all, your security is our #1 priority!